Joe Manzari

Stop Smoking

Joe Manzari
Stop Smoking

The main options you have for things to help you quit are:

1. Wellbutrin

2. Hypnosis

3. Vape/Patches/Gum (Nicotine Replacement)

4. Chantix

5. Black Pepper

I finally quit with a combination of 1 and 2. The problem with 3 is that the withdrawal from nicotine is what is causing your quitting angst. So by slowly tapering down you are just painfully prolonging the withdrawal period. I tried 4 but it messed my sleep up really bad so I couldn’t continue it. I carried an inhaler thing that let me smell the scent of black pepper and it helped somewhat but didn’t really make a big dent.

Step 1: Talk to your doctor about getting on Wellbutrin if you can. Then quit cold turkey.

Step 2: Watch this video that explains the psychology of why you smoke and how to quit. 

Step 3: Listen to this hypnosis recording as many times as you can, at least once a day. Make sure it is uninterrupted.

Step 4: If you find depression creeping in from quitting smoking, listen to this hypnosis recording as many times as you can. Make sure it is uninterrupted.