Sanctify Your Day

Saint Josemaria taught that holiness comes from our small everyday acts, repeated over and over again. Here are some thoughts on how you can turn your daily activities into a prayer:

When you open a door, ask God to open a friend’s heart to God.

When you put sugar in your tea or coffee, ask God to make his teaching sweet to those that hear it.

When you wash your hands, ask God to cleanse you of your bad habits.

When you get a phone call, ask God to help a friend respond to Christ’s call to follow Him.

When you turn on a light, ask God to enlighten a friend to the truth of the Gospel.

When you get dressed, ask God to clothe the homeless.

When you drink something, ask God to fill you with his Spirit and nourish your soul.

When you sit down for a meal, ask God to feed the hungry.

When you visit a friend, ask God to bring fellowship to the lonely and desolate.

When you see an exit sign, ask God to give you the grace to flee temptation when it comes.

When you put your car into drive, ask God to give you grace to move forward and grow.

When you push the button for an elevator, ask God to send you help to get you where you need to go.

When you lace up your shoes, ask God to bind his promises to your heart.

When you put on your watch, ask God to impress upon you the short time you have on earth.

When your head hits the pillow, ask God to give rest to the weary.